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Ametyst Kid Mohair Yarn

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Made from the finest South African mohair, it represents the finest in textile craftsmanship and offers unmatched quality and softness.

Kiddy 2793 Ametista
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Kiddy is an exceptionally high quality yarn created by combining South African kid mohair fibers with ultra-fine nylon yarns. This unique combination not only enhances the natural luster of Mohair, but also maintains a light and airy texture through a special bruscing process. At the same time, the addition of nylon gives the yarn greater durability and texture, making it ideal for creations that demand both beauty and functionality.

Kiddy yarn is ideal for creating accessories such as scarves and shawls. Using large needles, it can be worked to produce garments that are both bulky and lightweight, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and comfort to one's wardrobe. The versatility of this yarn allows knitting that is suitable for both formal and casual settings, making it an excellent choice for those looking to combine style and practicality.


70% Kid Mohair
30% Nylon


Gr.25 ball / 240 m. approx.

How to work and care

Kiddy 2793 Ametista
116 Items

Data sheet

70% Kid Mohair 30% Nylon
Per conservare l'aspetto soffice e vaporoso di Silkid ti consigliamo di lavare a mano i tuoi capi con acqua tiepida utilizzando un sapone neutro.

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Ametyst Kid Mohair Yarn

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