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White Fresh Viscose Cotton Yarn

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Made with Egyptian Cotton and Modal Viscose for softness and comfort

Fresh 2601 Bianco
Sorry, this color is not available at this time

Cotton yarn composed of 14 strands is known for its durability and versatility in various needlework or crochet projects.  The addition of Modal Viscose, a fiber made from wood pulp, not only enhances the softness and shine of the yarn but also provides additional benefits. This blend of fibers ensures that the knitting stays smooth without fraying, even with frequent use. Moreover, it makes the yarn easy to iron and wash, allowing for convenient maintenance and care. With these qualities, this cotton yarn with Modal Viscose is suitable for creating a wide range of needlework or crochet items, from delicate garments to cozy blankets and everything in between.

The specific dyeing with hypoallergenic dyes allows its use in contact with the skin, which remains cool even in the hottest weather.


50% Cotton
50% Viscose Modal


Gr.50 ball / 175 m. approx.

How to work and care

Fresh 2601 Bianco

Data sheet

Fresh è realizzato con fibre naturali particolarmente sottili. per questo ti consigliamo di lavare a mano i tuoi capi con acqua tiepida utilizzando un sapone neutro.

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White Fresh Viscose Cotton...

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